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Bluetooth Explorer and Bluetooth file sharing poBluetooth HTC Advantage X7500
Bluetooth Explorer searches for other Bluetooth-enabled devices that have file sharing enabled and lets you access the Bluetooth shared folder on these devices.

Photos iPad
Configuration Section "Pictures" is used to set the display of pictures in the slideshow. Setting the display time for each slide. Select "Photos" & gt; "Show pictures", then select the duration. Setting a repeat play the slideshow.

Change task priority HTC AdvantageX7500
To sort tasks by priority, you need to specify the priority of each task. 1. & nbsp; Press Start & gt; Programs & gt; Problem. 2. & nbsp; Choose a task whose priority you want to change.

Rearranging or removing widgets iznachkov on the Home screen, HTC Legend
Rearrange the widgets and icons on your Home screen to give room for adding more items. In addition, you can also remove widgets and icons that you do not frequently use.

How to find My iPhone 5
How to find My iPhone 5 & nbsp; & nbsp; Find My iPhone can help you locate and secure your iPhone using the free Find My iPhone app on another iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or using a Mac or PC web browser signed in to www.

Configure your iPhone 5
In the "Settings" menu, select "Phone" to do the following: • view the phone number of your iPhone; • activate or deactivate the call forwarding, call waiting and caller identification GSM; • activate or deactivate the teletype; • change the password answering machine GSM; • enabling and disabling interpomoschi -when making calls from abroad function "Interpomosch" allows subscribers to call from the contact list and the list of favorites in the territory of the United States, without adding a prefix or country code GSM; • Lock SIM-card and asked to enter a PIN-code when the iPhone this is required by some operators.

Creating a footprint HTC LEGEND
1. & nbsp; Press HOME, and then нажмите & gt; Footprints. 2. & nbsp; Press New footprint. If the GPS is not enabled, you will be prompted to turn it on so that your phone can determine your location using GPS.

Отправить сообщение об ошибке
Если нашли ошибку в тексте выделите ее мышкой и нажмите сочетание клавиш Ctrl+ENTER, укажите правильный текст без ошибки.

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