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View slideshow HTC Advantage X7500
In your device, you can view images in a slide show. Images displayed on the full screen view with 5-second intervals between slides. 1. & nbsp; Press Start & gt; Programs & gt; Photos and videos.

Using Bluetooth HTC LEGEND
Bluetooth -a technology for wireless short-range, which allows devices to exchange information over a distance of about eight meters without requiring a physical connection to each other.

How to adjust the volume of Windows Phone 8X
1. To display a string volume, press the VOLUME UP or VOLUME. 2. Continue pressing until the desired volume level. On The shut down the ring tone 1. To display a string volume, press the VOLUME UP or VOLUME.

Printing webpages HTC Advantage X7500
1. & nbsp; Run the browser and it open a web page you want to print. 2. & nbsp; Tap the stylus on the screen and hold until you open the context menu. 3. & nbsp; menu, click Print HTML-page.

Changing presentation programmyKalendar HTC Legend
When you open Calendar, by default it displays the Month view. You can also display the Calendar in Agenda, Day, or Week view. To switch between views, press MENU, and then select the type of view.

How to set Portrait and landscape orientation iPhone 5
How to set Portrait and landscape orientation iPhone 5 & nbsp; & nbsp; You can view many iPhone apps in either portrait or landscape orientation. Rotate iPhone and the display rotates too, adjusting to fit the new orientation.

Sync with iTunes iPhone 5
Syncing with iTunes is copying information from computer to iPhone and vice versa. To synchronize, you can connect your iPhone to your computer via a cable to connect the dock to a USB port or configure iTunes to synchronize wirelessly over the network Wi-Fi. You can set iTunes to sync music, photos, videos, podcasts, programs and other data.

Отправить сообщение об ошибке
Если нашли ошибку в тексте выделите ее мышкой и нажмите сочетание клавиш Ctrl+ENTER, укажите правильный текст без ошибки.

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