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Adding email account. pochtyPOP3/IMAP HTC Legend
1. & nbsp; Press HOME, and then press the | & gt; Mail. 2. & nbsp; Do one of the following: If you add an email account. in Mail for the first time, tap Other POP3/IMAP on the Choose a mail provider screen.

Using programs IPhone 5
to work with the iPhone is very easy to program, using the touch screen MuIti-Touch high resolution and simple finger movement gestures. open programs and switch between them Click the button "Home" To go to the home screen and viewing programs.

Change how you display Web pages naekrane HTC Advantage X7500
1. & nbsp; In Internet Explorer Mobile, tap Menu & gt; Kind of. 2. & nbsp; Choose one of the following: • & nbsp; One column. Web page content is displayed in a single column as wide as the screen.

Playing playlist HTCAdvantage X7500
1. & nbsp; screen, & quot; Playlists & quot; Tap the desired playlist. 2. & nbsp; Click on the first song in the selected playlist. Program & quot; Music Player & quot; automatically opens and starts playing the first song.

Shooting HTC Advantage X7500
When taking pictures in photo mode, Contacts Picture, Collage, Panorama, Sport Continuous Shooting can take still pictures by pressing the CAMERA button on your device or central OK button on the joystick.

Call using the Call HTCAdvantage X7500
1. & nbsp; screen, & quot; Telephone & quot; tap Call. 2. & nbsp; You can either scroll through the entire list of calls, or press Menu & gt; Filter and select a ringtone category.

How to set up stock iPhone 5
How to set up stock & nbsp; iPhone 5 & nbsp; Keep track of your stocks, see the change in value over time, and get news about your investments. & nbsp; & nbsp; Manage your stock list: & nbsp; Tap & nbsp; & nbsp; then add stocks or make other changes.

Отправить сообщение об ошибке
Если нашли ошибку в тексте выделите ее мышкой и нажмите сочетание клавиш Ctrl+ENTER, укажите правильный текст без ошибки.

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