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Photos iPad
Configuration Section "Pictures" is used to set the display of pictures in the slideshow. Setting the display time for each slide. Select "Photos" & gt; "Show pictures", then select the duration. Setting a repeat play the slideshow.

Photo Booth iPad
It is very easy to take photos using Photo Booth. The photo will be more interesting if during shooting using any effect. Photo Booth works with both the front and the rear chamber.

How do I take photos and videos iPad
Now take pictures and video on the iPad it`s even easier -just point the camera and press the button. Make sure that the "Camera/Camcorder" is set to Photographing. Place your iPad and click If you press the iPad emits a shutter sound.

Sharing pictures iPad
You can show your photos to others, organizing them as a slide show, complete with music and transitions. With AirPlay and Apple TV, you can send photos to your TV streamed over the wireless network.

Entering text and filling out forms iPad
Some webpages have text fields and forms to fill out. Safari can be configured so that the program registered the names and passwords you visit web pages and text fields are automatically populated with information from the Contacts.

Subscription calendars iPad
You can subscribe to calendars that use formats iCalendar .ics. Many service-based calendars, including Yahoo !, Google and iCal on a Mac, support subscriptions to calendars.

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