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Getting Started Windows Phone 8X
If you decide to use a screen protector, please do not restrict or block the proximity sensor. You can buy a special protective film for the screen of your phone, which already has a small hole for the sensor.

How to work with the camera Windows Phone 8X
On ain information about the Camera application When traveling on business or for pleasure, shoot photos and videos with the camera.

How do I change the ringtone Windows Phone 8X
Choose from a preset ring tones. 1. On the & quot; Start & quot; swipe left. 2. Click Settings & gt; Ringtones + sounds. 3. Click on the field Ringtone.

Keyboard Windows Phone 8X
and Using the onscreen keyboard When you start an app or select a field that requires text or numbers, the water, the onscreen keyboard. Click on any area of the screen, allowing the input, and the keyboard will appear automatically.

Search and Web browser Windows Phone 8X
T To find information 1. Click . This will open the & quot; Yandex Search & quot;. 2. Click on the search box and type in what you want to find.

Start Screen Windows Phone 8X
Right on the screen & quot; Start & quot; you will see the dynamic blocks that are constantly updated and displays important information for you.

Отправить сообщение об ошибке
Если нашли ошибку в тексте выделите ее мышкой и нажмите сочетание клавиш Ctrl+ENTER, укажите правильный текст без ошибки.

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